This scholarship was established by Euro RSCG / New York in honor of the late Patrick Kelly, with the intention of recognizing the accomplishments and potential of an aspiring young creative. The recipient is chosen on the merits of his or her application, portfolio, and teacher recommendations, and will be awarded a grant of $2,000 at the Young Ones Student Awards Ceremony, held in May in New York City. We invite all students who are driven to pursue a career in advertising to apply.

Apply Here Application Deadline: March 16, 2018

Contact with any questions.


The scholarship is awarded to students who are enrolled in college or advertising schools at the time of submission, and who intend to pursue a career in the advertising industry.


Applicants must complete the online application form and provide the following materials:

  • Submit an essay on one of the following topics:

      Topic 1: Pick one famous advertising campaign from the past decade, and describe the ways it has been influential to you.

      Topic 2: Why did you choose to pursue advertising as a career? Give at least three detailed reasons.

  • Upload 2 letters of recommendation (school supervisors only).

  • Upload files for 3 to 5 pieces from your portfolio (JPEG or MOV).


There will never be another advertising campaign like Federal Express. It ran through 1985 in basically the same form as when it began in 1976. It introduced a valuable new idea (overnight shipment of packages) that challenged an entrenched, tired industry. It later introduced other new ideas (overnight shipment of letters) that challenged an even more entrenched, even more tired monopoly. It interrupted the low comedy of prime-time television of the era with comedy of a higher order, one that exposed the angst, the sycophancy, the double-dealing, the phoniness, and the sleazemeistering of business etiquette, all the while elevating the person in any organization who accomplishes something without pausing for a nanosecond of posturing.

Patrick Kelly was born in Kansas in 1941, meandered North to the Chicago of Leo Burnett, landed in London during the ascendancy of Collett Dickenson and Pearce, bopped back to San Francisco to earn a living with McCann Erickson and play drums with the Northern California Rock and Jazz Band and fall under the gray influence of Howard Gossage before moving to the city and the agency that gave him his stage as a copywriter and a director.

Patrick moonlighted at Saturday Night Live for awhile, long enough at least to produce the "Work Time" parody, in which "Miller Time" is reversed: First you have your beer, THEN you go to your job as a fork lift operator or train conductor sloshed beyond even the limits of, say, an advertising space salesman of the '70s. He also directed a feature film "Beer" that is worth renting; and somewhere, maybe there is a kinescope of Patrick winning first prize on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour before launching his tour as a puppeteer.

Excerpted from the program at his memorial dinner at The One Club, February 28, 1995


  • 2018 – Simoul Alva | National Institute of Design / India
  • 2017 – Jane S. Kang | Miami Ad School / NYC
  • 2016 – Myeongseok Cheon | Miami Ad School / New York
  • 2015 – Haesoo Jung | School of Visual Arts / New York
  • 2014 – JB Becker | The Creative Circus / Atlanta
  • 2013 – Camilo de Galofre | School of Visual Arts / New York
  • 2011 – Bryce Isaacson | Virginia Commonwealth University / Richmond
  • 2010 – Jessica Voight | Miami Ad School / San Francisco
  • 2009 – Jake Dubs | Virginia Commonwealth University / Richmond
  • 2008 – Austin O'Connor | University of Colorado / Boulder
  • 2007 – Marques Gartrell | The Creative Circus / Atlanta
  • 2006 – Jenny Liu | Miami Ad School / Miami Beach
  • 2005 – Jason Campbell | School of Visual Arts / New York
  • 2004 – Chad E. Lynch | The Creative Circus / Atlanta
  • 2003 – Amy Hollrah | The Creative Circus / Atlanta
  • 2001 – Matthew Tarulli | School of Visual Arts / New York
  • 2000 – Brandon Sides | University of Colorado / Boulder
  • 1999 – Julie Eyeman | Creative Circus / Atlanta
  • 1998 – Matthew Stein | VCU Adcenter / Richmond
  • 1997 – Dawn McCarthy | Miami Ad School / Miami