Gun Violence Brief


America has a gun violence epidemic that is unique in the world. We haven’t been able to work toward a solution because we are stuck in a cycle of inaction. A frenzy of demand for change, a polarized public debate, a shift in focus to whatever is next.

The world wants a silver bullet we can rally around. But in reality, it’s a web of interrelated issues, each needing to be addressed and targeted for change.

Legislative Issues:

  • State reciprocity laws
  • Assault weapons ban (and bump stocks)
  • Banning Concealed Carry
  • Taking on the NRA
  • Universal background checks
  • Three-day waiting period
  • Eliminating loopholes for gun shows and private sales
  • Raising the age for gun purchase
  • Ban sales to convicted stalkers and violent criminals
  • Ban Sales to people with background of mental illness

Contributory Issues:

  • Suicide by gun
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gun accidents among children
  • Cultural glorification of violence
  • Gun buy-back program
  • Racial profiling and police violence
  • Social Media around guns and gun violence