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Do I have to be a One Club member to participate?
No. You do not have to be a member of The One Club to participate in the Young Ones Student Awards. However, we always recommend the benefits of One Club membership! For more details on membership, click here.

Do students need to work as a team?
Although The One Club encourages students to work as a team, a single student can work on and submit entries on his/her own.

Is there a limit to the number of students per team?
No, there is no limit.

Can members of a team be from different colleges?
Yes. Make sure to list the different schools under the "School Credits" section during the entry process.

Can one student/team enter more than one entry?
Yes, students can make multiple entries into the same/different categories. However, you may not enter the same exact work in multiple categories; you must choose the category you believe to be the best fit.

When are the winners announced?
Finalists will be contacted in April, 2019. The Young Ones Student Awards Ceremony will be held during the Young Ones Education Festival at Creative Week in NYC, May 6–10, 2019. Student activities also include portfolio reviews, panel discussions, and special events. Stay tuned for tickets to go on sale in the spring.


Who is eligible to enter?
Students from colleges, graduate schools or portfolio schools are eligible. You cannot participate if you are working as a creative at an agency or a design company, with the exception of an internship.

Can international students participate?
Yes. The competition is open to students in all countries.

Can I submit work I have done for a school project or my portfolio?
For the brief competition, you can only submit the work you did for the briefs provided by The One Club. However you are welcome to submit your work into the Portfolio or ADC categories.


Can I get my work back?
No. All entries will be kept by The One Club.

Am I allowed to post my work for the competition online?
All work for the Young Ones Competition can ONLY be added to your online/physical portfolio AFTER the winners have been announced. Any work posted must contain a disclaimer stating the piece was created solely for the purpose of the Young Ones Competition and was not commissioned by the client.

Can I give credit to a teacher who helped me put my entry together?
To credit your teacher or professor, simply type in their name on the "Individual Credits" section and select the "Professor/Instructor" option from the "Title" drop-down menu. Should you win, your professor will not receive an award, but will be recognized as a champion of the winning team with his/her name printed in the annual and published on our website.

NOTE: Teachers should not be listed under any credit title other than the "Professor / Instructor" option. For example, they should not be listed as a "Creative Director" on the project.


What do I do if my school is paying for my entries?
IMPORTANT: Please ask your teacher/school to contact BEFORE anyone from the class enters their work online. We have a special group payment method that will make everyone's lives much easier.